Conference Venue

The Conference is being organized by ALGORITMI Research Center, through its research line on Industrial Engineering and Management, School of Engineering of University of Minho.

It will take place at the School of Engineering, University of Minho, in Guimarães on the 16 and 17 of June 2016.

Guimarães is located in northwestern Portugal, aproximately 350 km north of the capital, Lisbon, and about 50 km from the second largest city, Oporto. Guimarães benefits from the proximity to the Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport, located in Oporto and used by the most important airlines, including low cost airlines for domestic, international and transcontinental flights. From Franscisco Sá Carneiro International Airport you can easily reach Guimarães either by private car, train or by the GetBus (a direct shuttle from the airport to the city of Guimarães).

Guimarães is a city with a glorious historical past, whose history is linked to the origins of Portuguese language and the founding of Portugal's national identity in the 12th century.

The Historical Quarter of Guimarães constitutes a unique vestige of a particular type of city design. It is characterized by the morphology of its medieval urban fabric, which comprises a succession of squares of great formal value and environmental quality, and a particular type of construction that is diversified, but with great formal unity overall, which was fully erected using traditional building techniques called rodízio (castered) partition wall and fasquio (lathed) partition wall.

This unique site, which UNESCO classified on the 13 december 2001, is the city's most reproductive and lasting investiment.

For further information about Guimarães please visit Turismo de Guimarães web page.


Directions from the airport

By BUS straight from the airport to the Coach Station in Guimarães - GETBUS Guimarães - (INFO HERE - 2nd page), no stop, 50 minutes duration (cost per trip 8€, 14€ return).

By TRAIN - take the underground, every 20 minutes, at the airport to the train station CAMPANHA, in Porto (direct, no change on the way), and there take a train to Guimarães - (INFO HERE)



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