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Day1: 16th June 2016

08:30 Start Registration

09:15 - 09:45

Opening Session
09:45 - 11:15 Session A: Entrepreneurship and Decision Making

Brand Strategy in the Food Market: A Conceptual and Integrative Model
Sandra Gouveia, Manuel Lopes Nunes

A Prescriptive Cost Model For Demand Shaping: An Application For Target Costing
Alex Santana, Paulo Afonso, Ana Maria Rocha

Cost Management In New Product Development: Insights For Its Conceptualization And Application
Jorge Oliveira, Manuel Nunes, Paulo Afonso

Generation Z, Do They Matter?
Mike Behan

Agility Measurement Using Fuzzy Set Method
Joanna Kałkowska

11:15 - 11:45

Coffee Break
11:45 - 12:30 PLENARY SESSION

The Project of the Industrial Engineering Discipline: Time to Re-engineer?
Professor José M Framiñán

12:30 - 14:00

Lunch break
14:00 - 16:00 Session B: Decision Support Systems

Economic Evaluation Of A Conventional Public Transit System In Low-Density Areas
Luís Martins, Paula Ferreira, Paulo Ribeiro, Ricardo Bento

The Intelligent Support Programming Of The Fans Emergency Evacuation Of The Sports Stadium Event
Leszek Pacholski

Requirements For A Project Evaluation And Selection Methodology
Cláudio Santos, Madalena Araújo

The Application Of A Decision Model In The Management Of Raw Material Costs
Eduardo Ribeiro, Anabela Tereso

The Use Of The SCRUM Methodology For A More Effective An Efficient Design Of Costing Systems: An Application To The Imaging Service In A Hospital
Jiménez, V.; Afonso, P.; Pajares, J., Duarte, C.

Analysis Of The Market Of Electrical And Electronic Equipment Waste In Portugal
Anabela Botelho, Marta Ferreira Dias, Carla Ferreira, Lígia Pinto
Session C: Sustainability Assessment

Fuel Transmission Price Mechanism: A Brief Review Of The Literature
Jorge Oliveira, Jorge Cunha, Pedro Cerqueira

The Impact Of Hidden Quality Costs: A Case Study In A Mattress Manufacturing Company
Gleiciany Rengifo, Wellington Porto, Alex Santana, José De Souza, Deyvison Oliveira, Cesar Chavez

Sustainability In Small-Medium-Artisanal Mining Enterprises In Brazil
Wellington Alves, Paula Ferreira, Madalena Araújo

Methodology For Hubs Placement Analysis: An Application To Portuguese Industrial Co2 Emissions
Isabella Costa, Alexandre Szklo, Roberto Schaeffer, Paula Ferreira, Madalena Araújo, Nathália Dreyer

Sustainability Assessment Of Power Technologies In Brazil
Lunardo De Sena, Paula Ferreira, Maria João Santos

Generating And Keeping The Desired Social Change: What Do We Learn From Project-Based Interventions And How Can We Further Build On Them?
Elena-Loreni Baciu, Theofil-Andrei Lazar

16:00 - 16:30

Coffee Break
  Session D: Energy Issues

Low-Carbon Scenarios For The Brazilian Power System

Maria João Santos, Paula Ferreira, Madalena Araújo, J. Portugal-Pereira, André Lucena, Roberto Schaeffer

Factors Influencing Power Plans: A Sensitivity Analysis For Algeria
Brahim Haddah, Abdelkrim Liazid, Paula Ferreira

Measuring Decoupling: A Comparative Assessment Of Different Metrics
Fátima Lima, Manuel Nunes, Jorge Cunha

Understanding The Cost Escalation Of Nuclear Reactor Construction Projects
J. Portugal-Pereira, Paula Ferreira, Jorge. Cunha, Alexandre Szklo, Roberto Schaeffer, Madalena Araújo
Session E: Innovation and Technology Management

Initial Literature Review: Achieving Operational Excellence In Smes Through The Integration Between Continuous Improvement And Innovation
Lina Alshelh, Sergio Sousa

Strategy, Innovation And Internationalization Processes: In Search Of Useful Synergies
Fernando Barbosa, Fernando Romero

Business Incubators In Brasil
Giovane Gurgel, Filipa Vieira, Cristina Rodrigues

Co-Creation Experience In Higher Education (He) Sector
Duangthida Ayutthaya, Manuel Nunes, Pisut Koomsap

18:30 - 19:30

Social Programme


Conference Dinner
Casa  Amarela Restaurant (located on the Historical Quarter of Guimarães)


Day2: 17th June 2016


09:30-11:00 Session F: Risk Management

Military Grade Risk Application For Projects' Defence, Resilience And Optimization
Cesar Oboni, Franco Oboni

Brazilian Navy Risk Management Improvement: A Proposal Of A Risk Model For Military Shipbuilding Projects
Jorge Diniz Fernandes, José Crispim

Real Options And Operative Flexibility For Evaluation Of Strategic Capacity Decisions
Camilo Micán, Paola Acosta, Andrés Sanchez

What Have We Learned By Applying Social Network Analysis To The Study Of University Industry Relations?
Fernando Romero, Eric Costa

The Corporate Social Projects: Risks Valuation Method Based On The Fuzzy Sets Approach
Aleksandr Kozlov, Anna Teslya

11:00 - 11:30

Coffee Break
11:30 - 13:00 Session G: Business Management

Manufacturing Enterprise Key Agility Factors - Case Study
Leszek Kaszuba, Andrzej Klimek, Hanna Włodarkiewicz-Klimek

Integrating Cost-To-Serve And Customer Profitability For An Effective Market Orientation Business Culture: Lessons From A Case Study
Sandra Gouveia, Manuel Lopes Nunes, Paulo Afonso

Innovation Management Of The Region On The Basis Of Regional Indicators Concept: Case Of Yamal
Aleksandr Kozlov, S Gutman, I Zaychenko, Elena Rytova

Analysis Of Cultural Factors Related To Project Success In High Tech Manufacturing Organisations
Ross Power, Kathryn Cormican

Using Lean To Drive Operational Effectiveness And Efficiency At A National Level - The Irish Lean Business Offer Initiative
Richard Keegan

13:00 - 14:30

Lunch Break
14:30 - 17:00 Session H: Cost and Project Management

Project's Assessment Principles and Strategies
Nuno Moutinho, Helena Mouta

Cost Modelling For Early Stage Design Decisions: A Moldflow-Based Technical Cost Estimation For Injection Molded Thermoplastic Parts
C.N. Barbosa, R. Simões, J.C. Viana, M. Franzen, T. Baranowski, P. Afonso

A TDABC Model For Waste Valorization Under The Lean Management Perspective
Hyggor Medeiros, Rui Sousa, Paulo Afonso

Preliminary Research Plan Towards A Project And Portfolio Management Framework To Support Innovation-Driven SMES
Mohamad Ali Mishly, Anabela Tereso

Project Management Under Uncertainty: Solution Methods Revisited
João Faria, Madalena Araújo, Anabela Tereso

Conceptualization Of PMO Structures
Helena Ferreira, Anabela Tereso, Gabriela Fernandes

A Review On The Environmental Assessment Of Electricity Generation: Economic Input-Output Vs. Process-Based Life Cycle Assessment
Carla Oliveira, Dulce Coelho



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