Keynote Speakers

José M Framiñán
School of Engineering
University of Seville.

José M Framiñán is Full Professor at the School of Engineering in the University of Seville, where he is the Head of the Industrial Management Research Group.
His research interests refer to decision systems and models in industry and services, including a range of decisions related to the design and optimization of processes, production and supply chain planning and scheduling, as well as information systems as a supporting infrastructure. In these areas, he has taught several courses and conducted a number of research projects.
He is co-author of the book Manufacturing Scheduling Systems (Springer), and he authored a significant number of refereed publications.
He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Industrial Engineering, a high-impact journal in Operations Research & Management Science, and also member of the Editorial Board of Applied Mathematics & Computation, and Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journals.

The Project of the Industrial Engineering Discipline: Time to Re-engineer?

The goal of this talk is to present some (possibly subjective) reflections on the Industrial Engineering field in order to foster a discussion regarding its nature, the gaps between practice, research, and teaching, past failures and success, and challenges for the future. I will try to justify the initial statement than the field is not as well-defined as some other engineering branches, and will point out some causes and consequences of this lack of internal coherence. I will conclude by discussing some possible courses of action, and their implications regarding research and teaching.



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